Aims & Objective

Aims & Objectives

The main aim of the school is imbibed in the motto of PRAGYAN ENGLISH MEDIUM CO-ED SCHOOL,Success. wealth, name and fame naturally follow a person having courage and determination. Fifteen to twenty years down the road, when the student is expected to face this world all by him/her self, it will be his / her attitude and not the aptitude which will ultimately decide his / her altitude. The focus will be on strengthening the core values like courage, confidence, strength, honesty, integrity, humility and patriotism to build a positive character, which ultimately stands tall and strong in the ups and down oflife.Last but not the least, the school will try to bring leadership qualities in a child through various personality development programmes so as to enable him /her to become a mature and responsible citizen of Shining India.


A three acres spacious school campus

Away from the hustle-bustle and pollution of ITARSI city, provide a natural and Quit ambience, helpful for undisturbed concentration on school activities.

Spacious classrooms

Spacious classrooms having ample lighting & ventilation, with class strength restricted to 25 students, provide uncluttered atmosphere, for proper teacher to student interaction.

A large playground

A large playground within the campus, with excellent facilities for outdoor sports like basketball, football, volleyball, cricket and athletics helps students in improving their teamwork skill and physical toughness.

Result and value oriented education

Education through computers, co-curricular activities, the school has developed facilities for various co-curricular activities regularly.

Music & dance fine arts

Debates & speech GIC & quiz yoga classes.

Daily meditation educational workshop & seminars educational excursions & visits social projects.

The beautiful school building

The beautiful school building comprises of classes from 1st to 10th well ventilated & lighted classroom. There is a separate kinder garten wing for class nursery to K.G-II along with a play room for the tiny totaller.

Computer lab

New modern labs with 30 state of the art pentium machines to impart computer education from l’ onwards. Digital classrooms for studies through Projectors.


Spacious digital libarary with 3000 books. CD Rooms, Audio / Video Cassettes along with PCS with interne facility.

Health & medical facilities

For proper health core and periodical check-up, the school has a medical officer. A progressive record of immunization, ailments and treatment is maintained on a health card for each students and kept in the school.

24 hours helpline - +09425040146 (for any queries and problem )