Curriculum Activity


The PRAGYAN ENGLISH MEDIUM CO-ED SCHOOL attaches equal importance to academic as well as non-academic per

With a string of alternate career options that have started catching the interests of the new generation, per arts has proved to be a game changer for students. Such extra-curricular activities help develop the all round personality by instilling a sense of competitive spirit, co­operation, leadership, team spirit, self discipline and self confidence. It moulds a student into a well-rounded, emotionally intelligent and interpersonally skilled individual.

Affiliation status - Senior Secondary School

Co-curricular activities include

  • Multi-Language Literary Activities – Debates, Elocutions, Declamations, Quizzing, Group Discussions, Poetry Recitation.
  • per Arts - Theatre, Drama, Mime etc.
  • Music & Dance – Indian & Western.
  • Visual Art - Clay, Constructions, Digital art, Painting, Print Making, Ephemeral Art etc.
  • Pottery & needle craft.
  • Photography, Film and Documentary.
  • Robotics, Environment, I.T.